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School Resource Officer

The Windsor Police Department values community interaction and is very proud of our School Resource Officer Alan Mason. Officer Mason offers the entire Windsor High School community his services. Through his placement at W.H.S., Officer Mason is able to offer his unique wisdom and support for a variety of student, parent, and faculty needs.

The Windsor Police Department follows the national model which is a Triad approach, with law enforcement as the base, on one side is being a guest speaker in classes and on the other side is being a mentor or counselor.

As a guest speaker, an SRO would go into classes and speak about law related topics or speak from a law enforcement perspective on a topic they are learning about.  The mentor or informal counselor part comes in by speaking to students about current topics and pitfalls youth make, like social media, bullying, date rape and sexting.  The goal is that by mentoring and speaking in classes it helps build trust and bridge gaps between youth and police, help make better citizens and students, help with keeping disruptions to a minimum and hopefully we don’t have to do the law enforcement part as much.

Since starting in September, Officer Mason has spoken to over 14 classes, delivering information on domestic violence, Constitutional Law, and medical emergencies from a first responded standpoint.  Officer Mason states that this afforded a great opportunity for him to get to know the students, as well as these students to get to know him.  On a daily basis students, teachers and parents will call with questions about speeding tickets, motor vehicle law, how to do something or what to do with a certain scenario that has happened to them.  Students that Officer Mason has built a rapport with will seek out his advice and help with problems with other students and he will mediate and usually provide personal stories from his own life to help them understand.  Some of the law enforcement things Officer Mason is tasked with on the day to day ranges from investigate thefts, break up fights and investigate possible social media incidents or bullying.  Officer Mason will aslo handle cases that occur outside the school that students/faculty will bring to his attention due to the rapport he has built throughout the school. It is important to note that he is not tasked specifically with enforcing school rules.

“My overall goal as the SRO is to provide a safe environment for all students and staff to learn.  Also, to foster a trust between the students and myself so they feel they can come to me with any problems they have, but also feel comfortable enough with me so if they do get in trouble or if I have to intervene it makes it easier for them and me.

I am a father of 4 children. I have 12 years of law enforcement experience and 7 years in the Army National Guard and have worked many different places.  I also played baseball in college and have coached three different baseball teams.  I was a crisis negotiator, Sergeant in the military and in law enforcement.  I served as a detective who has had to interview suspects.  I feel that the combination of training and life experience helps me to understand and relate to what the students are going through and be able to speak to them on an individual level.  My experiences help me because I may have seen what the students are going through or the road they are going down, either in my life or someone else and give real world examples and solutions.  My background also helps in finding a common bond with the students, being able strike up a conversation and build rapport with them.”

-Officer Mason

School Phone Number: (860)687-2020 ext.115